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In The Face: Did Josh Smith Get Banged On At The Drew League?

Dunk Score: 9.6


Now what we have here is video from the Drew League this weekend featuring Hawks forward Josh Smith, who is no stranger to dunking on fools, getting yammed on by some dude named Kris Lawrie.

There appears to be some debate as to whether or not Lawrie actually banged on Smith, who appeared to be coasting and didn’t even bother to jump. But Smith did attempt to swipe at the ball, which automatically qualifies him as dunkbait.

Everyone in the gym was surprised by the decision to go for the facial on Smith, but even Lawrie contends that he did indeed catch Smith slipping like a banana peel, as evidenced by the following comment on the Youtube vid:

Ok people….Im Kris Lawrie…im not goin to say i banged on him….but he was in the poster for sure…and yes he could have blocked it…but he didnt….even if its the DREW and not the NBA…dont mean they can just take it easy because this is what happened….but thanks for lookin at the video

Lawrie raises a great point with his comment. Regardless of the situation, if you decided to play in a game there is a possibility that you could get banged on, no matter who the competition is.

[via Ballislife]


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