In The Face: Derrick Williams Catches Lob In High Schooler’s Grill At Elite 24

Dunk Score: 9.4

(9.9 – .5 for doing it on some high school kids)


Now what we have right here is some solid video of  locked out rookie Derrick Williams catching lobs from Brandon Jennings and Tyreke Evans, and proceed to demoralize some poor high schoolers at the Elite 24 midnight run.

Williams has been putting on a show this summer, using it as a way to strength and showcase various aspects of his game that we were only able to see glimpses of during his time at Arizona and showing the doubters (mainly Dan Gilbert and them) why he should have been taken #1.

Whilst it may be unfair to have a squad with Brandon Jennings, Evans and D-Will taking on the young bucks, it’s only right and surely any high school baller would love opportunity to get dominated by some of their favorite NBA players.

[via Hoopmixtape]

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