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In The Face: Corey Brewer Demoralizes Derek Fisher

Dunk Score: 10


Damn D-Fish might need to retire after this one. This dunk gets the rare perfect score and would have easily gotten the Dunk of 2009, if not for Dwyane Wade elevating over the 7-footer that is Anderson Varejao. This bang on was beyond embarrassing and D-Fish might want to consider retirement after this one. Fisher has gained a reputation throughout his career for trying to be a hero, doing the little things like diving for loose balls (no homo) and trying to take charges.

Unfortunately trying to be a hero leaves you susceptible to getting your life shat all over, like Corey Brewer caught Fisher on Friday night. With a clear lane to the basket and only a little man standing in his way, Brewer saw a golden opportunity to get on Sportscenter and took advantage.

Following the play even Kobe Bryant had to give it up to Brewer for getting his nuts near Fisher’s forehead. Real recognizes real in these type of situations and even though he wanted to be loyal to his teammate, even Kobe had to break character after witnessing his boy getting shat on like that.

Martell Webster banging on Chuck Hayes after the jump…

Dunk Score: 9.3


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