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In the Face NBA Video

In The Face: Bosh Gets Kneed In Nuts And Shat On

Dunk Score: 9.9


It looked like Pierce went out of his way to try and knee Chris Bosh to shield himself from a potential beat-up. Unfortunately the knee landed right in Bosh’s nether region and may have done some damage. There has been some criticism for Pierce taunting Bosh following the dunk.

But the bottom line is that any time that you dunk on an Olympian, you have the right to react accordingly. Obviously Pierce was so excited by his bang-out that he did not realize that Bosh may have actually been hurt. Either way, what’s done is done. The dunk was not better than D-Wade on Varejao and thus can not get a perfect 10

T-Wolves’ Ryan Hollins shart all over the life of Nene after the jump…


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