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In The Face: Al Thornton Demoralizes Zaza Pachulia

Dunk Score: 10


Wizards forward Al Thornton just threw his name into the hat for best dunk of the season, whilst Hawks big man Zaza Pachulia simultaneously threw his name into “Dunkbait of the Year” contention.

Thornton might as well have slapped Pachulia’s mama with a dunk that fierce, and there is still probably some skeeter residue on Zaza’s grill.

In most occasions getting banged on is a result of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, much like Ricky in Boyz ‘N Da Hood when he got smoked by them busters.

Although Pachulia may have been caught in this type of situation, this generally isn’t the case for most Euros, as they have developed a penchant for getting dunked over the past few decades, with no end in sight.


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