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High School In the Face Swag Video

In The Face: 8th Grader Ben Couplet Gives Defender a Windy City Facial at 2012 Fab Frosh Camp in ATL

Dunk Score: 9.8


Now what we have here is 6-foot 7 Ben Couplet out of Chicago embarrassing a defender during play at the 2012 Fab Frosh camp in the ATL (…shawty!).

Couplet drives the lane and delivers the double-shits-to-chestie facial in the dude’s grill, who shall remain nameless because he is a minor associated with what we in the sports world consider a violent crime.

Couplet is slated to be a freshman this fall and is taking his talents to well-known Chicago powerhouse Simeon, which produced the likes of MVP point guard Derrick Rose, NBA bucket-getting journeyman Bobby Simmons and former Magic star Nick Anderson, amongst others.

At Simeon, Couplet will get the opportunity to play with standout Jabari Parker, who is being dubbed the next “LeBron” by some squares and knowledgeable basketballheads alike in the basketball community and is ranked the #1 player in the class of 2013.

[via City League Hoops TV]


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