In The Face: Double Feature

Starring Chris Wright as Superman and Maurice Acker as a tall building.

Dunk Score: 9

Another In the Face when you read more. But, first off we have this kid Chris who leapt over the other dude like he wasn’t even there. It was not a “true” In The Face, but judging from the fact that the victim took a knee to the face, this registers a nice score on our scale. You can tell it was a good dunk by how hyped the bench got, with everyone coming to meet him on the timeout before he got to halfcourt.

Starring Tim Thomas as a teacher and co-starring Anthony Randolph as a student

Dunk Score: 7

To be a rookie in the NBA is tuff. Especially if you get dunked on by an old folgie like Time Thomas. He got dunked on so bad, he got taken out right after the play, probs so he could watch the highlight on the jumbotron. This is the definition of a dunk on the face – a drive, jump hop, and dunk chest to chest. If Randolph woulda feel maybe we could have given it a 10.

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