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In Case You Missed “Shaq Vs” Premiere…It Was Good!

John Krease Aug 19


Welp, Shaq has TO beat…”Shaq Vs” is way better than the “TO Show.” Last night was the first episode, where Shaq took on Big Ben in a game of football …it was a damn good show, but maybe a little long.

It was like Extreme Home Makeover, an hour long and just as painful as watching paint dry. We were waiting the whole show just to see Shaq and Ben play football.

Spoiler on who won and more highlights from the show below…

They did mix in some great trash talking, a game of H-O-R-S-E and Ben dunking on Shaq, which was great, but they had a whole bunch of commentary that wasn’t needed.

Still this show has the makings of something as big as Shaq. Personally we can’t wait for the episode where Shaq fights Oscar De La Hoya…that is one battle Shaq will not lose.

Because not only did he lose the game of HORSE and get dunked on…he lost the football game against Big Ben. The trivest part was that Shaq wore a number 8 jersey in the game against Ben, and it was yellow…Hi Kobe!


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