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In Case You Didn’t Know Keith Brooking Is A Legend


The Pregame pump up is nothing new to the NFL. Some players (Ray Lewis, Brian Dawkins, Breesus, Joey Porter etc.) and teams are known for getting it more cracking than others, but the movement that Keith Brooking created among the Cowboys is pretty phenomenal. Even though it’s Brookings first season with Big D, coming over in the offseason after 11 seasons and 5 Pro Bowls with the Falcons, he has become a well-respected teammate for his fierce play and legendary pregame routine. Brooking has also brought a swagger to the defense that has the Cowboys in great position to actually win a playoff game or get a first-round bye.

Initially Brookings’ pregame shenanigans only involved a small contingent of defensive players, with a few of the more animated offensive guys (Marion Barber, Patrick Crayton etc.) joining in on the routine. But after the ‘Boys bounced back from their December slump with an upset at the Saints 2 weeks ago, Brookings speech has gained the attention of damn near the entire team and has now become a media spectacle, with at least 2-3 cameras devoted to the action.

The speech varies from week-to-week as Brooking sometimes changes up the order of what he says, but always involves lines involving punching the other team in their face and bloodying their noses. And it always ends with the players jumping in unison to stomp out their opponents. If you’re ever need a little extra motivation he is definitely worth listening to.

The most recent version of Brookings speech during pregame of the ‘Boys win against the Redskins on Sunday Night, after the jump…

In case you were wondering why running back Tashard Choice (#23) was getting way hyper than the rest of the crew it’s because he too has been known to give a solid pregame speech. Coupled with the fact that he and Brooking both went to Georgia Tech, you know Choice is going to have Brookings back for sho.



  1. TripleUWorld September 14, 2010

    I have to disagree. I thought that speech was cheesy and uninspiring. Even Chris Colinsworth was cracking on Brooking.


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