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HS Cheerleader Suing Coach For $100 Million Over Facebook…

Kodackid Jul 29


So get this…some cheerleader is trying to sue her school for $100 Million, all because her coach went through her Facebook messages. WTF! And the triv part is the girl, Mandi Jackson, is the one that gave the coach her password in the first place.

See her Coach, Tommie Hill, had heard she was talking sh*t about her to another girl so she asked her for her password so she could check it out.

What she found must have been bad because Coach Hill suspended her for the year from cheering at football games and pep rallies.

And that’s where the girl’s lawyers are saying the coach violated Jackson’s right to privacy. One hundred million dollars worth of violation. Damn I wish my coach in HS would have done that to me… I’d be somewhere on a tropical island right now.



  1. Yo Mammy July 30, 2009

    No. this is totally wrong!! the 100 million dollars is for the attention, if they wanted 5 grand would you know about it? The coach is a chick, that girl was forced to give up the password. She was suspended for 2 weeks cause of absolutley nothing and kicked off the competition squad all because that email, that wasnt at all about the coach, had alot of cussing in it. She was 13 at the time & the coach was an adult, a teach at that. Put yourself in her shoes, you would have done the same thing. Alot of people would have, she didnt know she couldnt give it up.

  2. anon July 31, 2009

    $100 million is ridiculous! Our country is in dire need to have funds for education and this moron made a mistake to give her password to a teacher then write profanity. . possibly a threat?. . to another student and yet again draining proper funds from needed resources. MORON. If you’re smart enough to speak profanity, then you should know how stupid it was to give out your password. The other kids were smart enough to delete their profiles after handing out their passwords. PLUS, this girl has public profiles on twitter, google, facebook. . .Does she honestly want privacy? or just attention?

  3. Stevie August 6, 2009

    Coach Tommie Hill is a female cheerleading coach.

  4. Susie August 13, 2009

    Mandi is clueless. Coach Hill was trying to head off any more confrontation between Mandi and another cheerleader – “nip it in the bud”. Hill was NOT trying to INVADE anyones privacy. Yes, Mandi wants attention. She was not allowed to compete at State b/c she can’t tumble. Not even a front roll. She was not “ostracized” (as she mandi puts it). but now that school has started back yes, she has ostracized herself b/c of all this crap. she has brought it all on herself.

  5. You An Idiot August 25, 2009

    Dude. Your ridiculous. Mandi has videos and pictures of her doing layouts xouts and tucks all over the internet.. Keep your mouth shut if you dont know the girl. I would have sued for alot more personally. Ostracized? she has never used that word, that came from the media you da. It was a simple argument between 2 teenage girls it would have been over in a week. get over yourself “SUSIE” you dont know the girl. cut some slack you dike.

  6. Idoknowher September 4, 2009

    It’s not the fact that Coach Hill looked at the Facebook it’s what Mandi said. It real people its all for attetion.


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