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Holler Back: NFL Referee Lockout Ends


After another atrocious week of replacement officiating in the NFL, including the now infamous “Inaccurate Reception” by Golden Tate in the Packers-Seahawks Monday Night debacle, the NFL and NFLRA finally reached an agreement to end the lockout.

The real refs have been sitting on Chilligan’s Island for the entire preseason and the first 3 weeks of real action, likely jajaja’ing at all of the ridiculousness that coaches, players and fans have had to ordeal with janky scabs erroneously officiating.

In the wake of the scab officiating, players and coaches from around the League have been quick to risk fines to comment on the situation — with the majority quick to point out that the use of replacement refs has compromised the “integrity of the game.”

Although an unglamorous job to have, officials are professionals just like the players, and the lack of knowledge on the part of the replacements has been evident on a weekly basis — and after everyone saw firsthand how difficult a task it is to officiate an NFL game, there is a new found appreciation for the Zebras

Video of South Park’s legendary take on the replacement ref debacle after the jump…



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