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Holler Back: Manute Bol Chunks The Deuces


Damn you know what they say…whenever a little man goes, a big man gotta go with him. Welp, (almost) everybody’s favorite midget Gary Coleman hollered back a few weeks ago and now he will be joined in the great beyond by former NBA Legend Manute Bol, who passed away Saturday at age 47, due to acute kidney failure. At 7-foot 7, Bol was one of the tallest players in NBA history and as a result, made a living off of beating things up like Ike Turner.

A 2nd-round pick by the Bullets in 1985, Bol would go on to play 10 seasons in the NBA but would be far better known for his various charitable and humanitarian efforts, mainly focused on his native Sudan. With 2,086 career block shots, Bol is the only player in League history to block more shots than points scored (1,599), although he was known to have a decent long-range jumper during various points in his career.

A video retrospective of Bol’s career on and off the court after the jump…


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