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MLB Questionable Call Swag Video

Holler Back: Manny Ramirez Bounces To White Sox


A day after getting thrown out of the game following the first pitch in what would be his last at-bat as a Dodger, Manny Ramirez chilled out momentarily on the waiver wire before being snatched up by the Chicago White Sox. All the NL teams passed on the legend, who has been on the downhill slide since he was caught juicing last season.

Manny has become the proverbial T.O. of Major League Baseball, with few teams willing to risk taking a chance on a perennial star that appears to be on his last leg.

Manny will always be a legend in my book and no matter where he goes, he will fill seats and slang those fake dread caps that the squares love so much.

A solid video tribute to the inventor of Mannywood after the jump…


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