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Holler Back: Kim Kardashian & Miles Austin Split Up


Word on the boulevard is that after only three months, the honeymoon has officially ended as Kim Kardashian and Miles Austin have parted ways. Reports say the the two just couldn’t keep the love going because of their mutually busy schedules.

With Miles in full swing in his NFL season with the Cowboys, and Kim jet setting across Europe promoting her own ass (literally), the superstar couple decided they were better off as just “friends.”

Hopefully it’s the good kind of friends, because keeping Miles on the back burner could pay huge dividends, especially since Kim’s longtime former boo suffered a leg injury in Monday night’s game and became the first player to give back a Heisman trophy earlier in the week.

Tis Tough Reggie, but at least Kim’s back on the market, so you might as well try to mark it…her back that is.

If she doesn’t go back to Reggie in his time of need,  check out our top five picks for Kim’s next athlete boo after the jump…

1) Matt Kempbecause he looks GOOD and it would be a huge boost for your career to start some ish with Rihanna.

2) LeBron– Obviously.

3) Luke Walton– because its not all about the darkside Kim. plus he’s friends with LamLam so you could double date with Khloe.

4) Tony Romo– it would be funny to eff with Miles’ head, and Jessica Simpson’s too.

5) Brandon Spikes– why not combine your love for voyeurism and create something really special.


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