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Hawaii QB Laid Out By USC Linebacker


Hawaii quarterback Bryant Moniz was ready to have the game of his life in the Warriors’ home-opener against the sanctioned #14 USC. Moniz was instrumental in keeping his underdog squad in the game until late in the 3rd quarter when Trojan linebacker Michael Morgan knocked the bejesus out of him.

Moniz layed on the ground for several minutes following the hit, which appeared to be a cheap shot to the head of the Hawaii qb after checking out the replay. Moniz did not return for the remainder of the game and neither did his squad as they got served with a cherry on top.

For what it’s worth Morgan wasn’t flagged on the play but if this was the NFL, he could have expected a solid fine to be handed down.

‘SC head coach Lane Kiffin showing obvious saltiness towards the round mound that is ESPN sideline analyst Shelley Smith after the jump…


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