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Happy Birthday to MVP LeBron Raymone James

LeBron James Birthday


28 years ago today the basketball world was forever changed, as Gloria James gave birth to her only begotten son and decided to name him LeBron Raymone James.

28 years later LeBron is the face of not only basketball but sports in general, reaching a legendary status reserved for the likes of Babe Ruth, Muhammad Ali, Jackie Robinson and Michael Jorday.

Still not knowing who his father really is, some have contended that LeBron was an immaculate inception, created by the Basketball God(s) to bring balance to the force by playing the game the way it is supposed to be played.

No athlete has dealt with more hype than LeBron, as he was ordained to be the “One” ever since his high school days, and has gone on to live up to the hype with a Hall of Fame NBA career already, including winning his first ring earlier this year.

You already know that JerseyChaser has beent rolling with LeBron long since it was fashionable, and experienced some of the same saltiness that LeBron has, from people unwilling to trust their eyes and realize that LeBron is the GOAT (with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Michael Jordan in the convo).

LeBron is like anything we have ever witnessed on the basketball court, a beast of a body with a beautiful game that makes your heart flutter.

Happy Birthday LeBron, keep doing your proverbial thug thizzle and as always, don’t pay any of them fools out there no nevermind — just keep doing you.


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