Gus Johnson Might Get Suspended For This Call


By all accounts CBS Announcer Gus Johnson is a legend. But the man who has never seen a play that he doesn’t scream about, might be in the some hot water for comments he made during the Jaguars-Titans game this weekend. During Chris Johnson’s, aka “Every Coach’s Dream,” touchdown run in the 3rd quarter Gus exclaimed, “Watch out! He’s got gettin’ away from the cops speed!” If you have ever seen anyone run away from the cops, which we have both witnessed and participated in on occassion, then you know that Johnson’s assessment was pretty accurate. But in his desperate attempt to be catchy, Gus might have crossed the line.

In the wake of Bob Griese’s recent suspension by ESPN for saying NASCAR drive Juan Pablo Montoya was “out having a taco,” you can best believe that the brass at CBS will be releasing some form of apology in the near future. While we don’t think that Gus should be punished in the same manner that Griese was, there should be some type of discipline handed out. But hopefully said discipline will not include removing Gus from the booth for any period of time, because that would just be bad for business.

Just imagine if Ian Eagle or Dick Enberg would have dropped that line, the public outcry would be enormous. Civil rights leaders would attempt to crucify these dudes and the reaction would be comparable to that of Don Imus’ “nappy-headed ho’s” line in regards to the Rutgers Women’s basketball team, which not including their sexual prowess, was fairly accurate….That ain’t nothing but Ultra Perm.

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