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Green Bay Bar Taunts Adrian Peterson For Falling 9 Yards Short of Single-Season Rushing Title

Adrian Peterson Green Bay Bar


Despite having one of the greatest seasons for a running back in NFL history, falling just 9 yards short of surpassing Eric Dickerson’s single-season rushing record a year after undergoing surgery for a torn ACL, a Green Bay bar decided to taunt Purple Jesus in the days leading up to the Packers-Vikings rematch in the NFC Wild Card.

In the days leading up to the start of the playoffs, the bar erected this 27-foot banner along one of the walls, which featured a football field with a sign that reads:

Hey Adrian, This is What 9 Yards Looks Like

During their Week 17 showdown, Peterson torched the Packers defense for 199 yards, including a legendary run late in the 4th quarter which helped set up the Vikings game-winning field goal to secure their 1st playoff berth since 2009.

Whilst the sign is clever, its never a good idea to try and clown a dude that has ran through your squad worser than a Benihana’s hershey squirt, multiple times this season.


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