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Goodell About To Stomp Down On Vick And Burress…


Now Goodell already done flexed his muscle this offseason, suspending our knig Donte Stallworth indefinitely… and that was for killing a dude while drunk-driving. But that is small potatoes…no fan outside of Cleveland really cares if he plays or not this year… because the Browns are going to suck regardless.

The rulings on the big fish, Michael Vick and Plaxico Burress, are coming up next and word is that Goodell is planning on stomping down on them just as hard as he did on Donte. Rumor is that Goodell is going to suspend both Vick and Burress indefinitely, which means there is no timetable on their return.

Some say it’ll be for a couple months, others say the entire season. Either way, Goodell would be wrong for this one…How does a man who killed somebody get the same punishment as a dude that shot himself?… And someone who already served one year in the pen? Think about this one Goodell.


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