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Goodbye Sylvester Croom :-(

Tis Tuff Sylvester Croom (moment of silence). The head coach of the Mississippi State Bulldogs resigned yesterday in the midst of a subpar season. Croom, the most well known African American coach in college football, was coming of a 45-0 loss against Ole’ Miss on Friday when he decided to throw in the towel Saturday morning.

The coach 21-38 in his 5 years at the helm of Mississippi State, led the Bulldogs to one winning season and no bowl victories. A record that should not be looked down upon, when you are competing in one of the toughest football conferences in the nation, the SEC. When you are a second rate school going up against football power houses like Alabama, LSU, and Auburn every year, a win is hard to come by. And this year with the team being 4-8, Croom had finally had enough of the loosing.

With Croom’s departure, it leaves only 3 African American College Football Head Coaches left in all of the NCAA. When you have a sport where over 80% of the players are black, it is disheartening to see the creme of the crop go, due to loosing. His departure will mark the third African American coach to leave the sport this year, joining Ty Willingham a Washington and Ron Price at KState. 3 up 3 down.

With there being 10 head coaching jobs that will open up at the end of the season, no black coach has been mentioned on any of the schools short list. The problem is not that there aren’t any black coaches qualified for the position, the problem lies in the fact that none of them are even being considered. A black coach was not even interviewed for the Tennessee job, which they gave to the unproven ex-Raider coach Kiffin. So who knows when we will see another black coach in college. All we can hope is that it will be next year.


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