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Glee Star Naya Rivera Celebrates Brother Mychal’s 1st NFL TD With Legendary F-Bomb

Naya Rivera Mychal Rivera Raiders TD F Bomb


In case you didn’t know, Glee star Naya Rivera has a younger brother named Mychal that plays for the Raiders, who just happened to have a home game on the same network that broadcast’s the show that his big sis is on, so naturally cameras were waiting for any moment to talk about that family connection to promote Glee.

That moment came in the first quarter after Mychal got his 1st career NFL TD, and Naya went HAM in her suite, spotted by the Fox cameras dropping a celebratory F-Bomb onto the Raider Nation. You think Fox was trying to milk the teets out of that one or what?

The dime Rivera is currently smashing Big Sean, in case you were thinking about trying to see what that thang smell like.


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