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Giants Fans Go HAM In San Francisco After Sweeping Tigers in World Series


After winning their 2nd World Series since moving to San Francisco with a sweep of the Detroit Tigers, naturally Giants fans decided to take it to the concrete to celebrate the win, with small scale riots throughout the city.

Champagne was flowing as cars got flipped like flapjacks, shit got set on fire and dudes went hyphy on top of busses and taxis as thousands of fans took to the streets to represent for their city and show love to the Giants.

It’s only right.

As a result of the turmoil in the streets, SFPD in full riot gear attempted to calm down the celebrations, using to aggressive tactics to subdue the rowdy masses.

Video of Giants fans turning up in the streets of San Francisco to celebrate the World Series win after the jump…

Garbage fire at 22nd and Mission

Civic Center

Dip shit tries to jump into the fire

SFPD in Riot Gear, breaks up celebration at 22nd and Mission


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