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Ghettooooh: Women’s Soccer Is Violent


When we said women’s soccer was grimey, we meant it. In the wake of the Elizabeth Lambert hair-pulling incident, this video of a high school brawl in the Rhode Island State Championship has been getting passed around like a well rolled joint. This fight might be more about saltiness than competitive spirit going a little too far.

Woonsocket (White and Maroon) was serving Tolman (Red) with a cherry on top, leading 5-0 when the fight broke out. Their head coach, who was interviewed following the melee, was quick to point this fact out and casually attempted to place all the blame on Tolman for starting the ruckus, insinuating that her team is full of great sportswomen who are not capable of getting too active.

If we were taking an ass-whoppin’ like that in front of friends and family, we might be inclined to react in the same fashion. It just goes to show that women hate to get beaten badly….unless of course you are talking about their cakes.


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