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NCAA Football Questionable Call Video

Ghettoooh: Brandon Spikes Tries To Gouge Eyes


Florida linebacker Brandon Spikes is a beast and you know we are rolling with the Gators, but dude crossed the line Saturday when he tried to reach into Georgia running back Washaun Ealey’s helmet and poke gouge out his eye’s following a run. CBS’ eye(s) that never lie caught the incident, which didn’t appear to be anything major during the live action. But a couple of replays clearly showed Spikes coming in near the conclusion of the play and maliciously attempting to stick his hand inside Ealey’s facemask, before Ealey quickly responded to the action and an offensive lineman realized what was cracking pulled Spikes away.

The video has been sweeping all corners of the world, including the far East, where the average person doesn’t have time to keep up with all these type of shenanigans. Georgia fan’s are outraged over the incident, as if they have never watched a football game before. Anybody that has played, or knows anything about football, understands that it goes down in the trenches. Some players are more grimey than others, but throughout the course of a game, where hits are exchanged like Hamsterdam, players will seize opportunities to get their shots in. Most of the time it is retaliation for something that happened earlier on in the game, or their lives, depending on how familiar the players are with each other.

While this play was egregious and Spikes was fully aware that has was doing something shady, the reality is that this type of stuff goes down all the time. Trying to single out this particular incident is asinine, because it’s a reliable bet that if you took a close look at every replay at any level of football, at some point in the game there will be some punching, spitting, eye gouging, nut-cracking and potty language.

Bottom line, Spikes should receive a verbal punishment and should write a formal apology, which should be the job of his tutor or some dimepiece English major who he is undoubtedly mashing or at least getting well-lotioned tugs from. Hopefully he will learn the valuable lesson that when you’re a member of the premier team in college football, everybody is watching.


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