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NCAA Football Questionable Call Swag Video

Ghettooh: Wisconsin Fan Runs On Field During Rose Bowl, Gets Chased By Referee


This was easily the highlight of the game for Wisconsin fans, as their 2011 Rose Bowl appearance got spoiled by TCU, as they got in that azz like a wedgie, finishing the season a perfect 13-0.

During the broadcast a fan was spotted on the field, but as is generally the case nowadays, the legendary fan wasn’t given his just due, falling victim to a cutaway. The dude did manage to get a good run around the field, pissing off both teams and refs to the point that one of the game officials decided to try and catch the fan as well.

Naturally the dude was eventually caught and got to spend the New Year behind bars.

2 different angles of the fan running on the field during the 2011 Rose Bowl after the jump…


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