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Ghettooh: Tiger’s Side Boos Dishing Dirt In Vanity Fair


When will the madness end? Tiger’s side boos, aka whores, are making a killing off of getting the nut of a married man and telling the world about it, but it’s time to let Tiger get back to the business of serving dudes on the golf course. 4 of Tiger’s confirmed side boos (Loredana Jolie, Jamie Jungers, Mindy Lawton and Michelle Braun) are posing for Vanity Fair and dishing the dirt on areas of Woods life that have nothing to do with their specialty of getting his nut. The issue should hit stores just in time to continue the smear campaign for acts that are prevalent not only throughout the sports world, but the square on as well.

The once respectable “Side Boo Code,” which use to govern the transgressions of girls that willingly accepted the role of being “not the main chick,” has forever been destroyed as the mainstream continues to make of mockery of Woods and his previous creeping. The real question continues to remain: who will be the next major sports figure (male or female) to get caught up? We’ll get the answer sooner than later.


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