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Ghettooh: Steve Alford Calls BYU Player An A-Hole


What is it about the University of New Mexico that makes players and coaches want to get into some gangster ‘ish? First it was rookie football head coach Mike Locksley getting suspended for 10 days after choking out one of his assistant coaches. Then it was women’s soccer player Elizabeth Lambert debo’ing a player (coincidentally from BYU) during a loss in the Mountain West tourney. And now Steve Alford has joined the list after being caught on camera calling BYU senior forward Jonathan Tavernari an A-hole following the Lobos conference-clinching win Saturday night.

During the customary postgame handshakes, which are supposed to promote good sportsmanship, Alford and Tavernari got into a heated exchange as the coach followed the opposing player down the line as he was shaking hands. You can tell that Tavernari is the type of player that can definitely get under your skin, with a swag that could be mistaken for being a little too cocky. Tavernari tried to ease the tension by going into the Lobos locker room to apologize, but either way Alford is going to experience some moderate heat now that everybody has access to the tape.

The Mountain West is currently investigating the matter and guaranteed Alford will be forced to issue some form of public apology and be subject to reprimand by school officials. Alford’s punishment shouldn’t be too severe though because Tavernari really might be an A-hole and if Locksley only got 10 days for choking a dude and his team is nastier than all hell, then a Mountain West regular season title should only mean a slap on the wrist.

Video of the incident after the jump…


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