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Ghettooh: Soccer Match In Argentina Suspended After Fan(s) Throw Explosives On The Pitch


Shit got real for Belgrano goalkeeper Juan Olave during a recent match out in Argentina(s), as rival fans from the home club Independiente threw what appeared to be some homemade fireworks onto the pitch, nearly causing some extreme bodily harm in a forcing the match to be suspended.

Olave was minding his business, doing whatever goalies do, late in the 1st half, when an unidentified object lands just feet away from him, followed by a small explosion which sends Olave to the ground in shock.

Teammates quickly rushed to Olave’s aid, as it was unclear whether or not the goalie was doing some traditional soccer flopping or if he was seriously injured.

The arrival of the next firecracker/explosive quickly answered that question as Olave “suddenly” snapped out of it and dipped off the pitch along with the rest of his teammates.

Video of the on-pitch explosions during the Belgrano-Independiente soccer match after the jump…


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