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Ghettooh: Serge Ibaka Punches Blake Griffin’s Nuts

Serge Ibaka Blake Griffin Nuts


Serge Ibaka violated the unspoken rules and regulations of basketball during Game 4 of Clippers-Thunder Western semis, as he was spotted punching Blake Griffin in the balls as Griffin attempted a layup.

Video replays show that Ibaka intentionally aimed for Griffin’s family jewels but tried to play it off like it was an accident. Throughout the course of the series that have been skirmishes between players on both sides, but this is dirtier than Frank Gallagher’s piss.

If Zach Randolph was suspended for a Nancy boy punch to Steven Adams’ dome, then Ibaka needs to spend a game on Chilligan’s Island for blatantly trying to take Blake Griffin’s manhood away from him.


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