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Ghettooh: Rondo Gets Ejected and May Face Suspension For Bumping Ref During C’s Playoff Opener


Celtics all-star guard Rajon Rondo may be making an unwanted to trip to Chilligan’s Island, after getting ejected from Game 1 of the Eastern conference quarterfinals against the Hawks for chest-bumping a ref after already getting a tech for running his mouth.

After dominating the Hawks with that legendary 20 assist triple-double a few weeks ago, Rondo got an early trip to the shower, as the frustration of his squad not getting a crucial call, let his emotions run wild.

This isn’t the first time this season that Rondo has become enraged at an official as he already served a 2-game suspension for tossing a ball at a ref a few months ago.

Rondo claims that the chest-bump wasn’t intentional, and video evidence does show that Rondo did indeed trip on the ref’s foot before bumping into him. But unfortunately Rondo wouldn’t have tripped and hit the official had he not tried to run up on him and scream in his grill.

Considering that Ron Artest is already in the midst of a 7-game suspension for the elbow to James Harden’s dome, guaranteed David Stern and them will give Rondo’s hot head , some cool water in the form of a one or 2 game staycation.

Video of Rondo bumping the ref after the jump…


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