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Ghettooh: Neil Everett Drops “Son Of A Bitch” Live On Sportscenter


Viewers watching Friday’s 10pm PT edition of ESPN’s SportsCenter were given a behind the scenes look into the mind of anchor and the frustrations they face as certified square Neil Everett got caught with a hot mic heading into a commercial break and dropped a “son of a bitch.”

Everett followed up the S.O.B. dropping by saying “god dang it,” as he shuffled papers in frustration, obviously upset about his performance on the show.

Following the commercial break, Everett apologized for the slip-up, even though it technically wasn’t his fault as whoever was in charge of audio forget to kill his mic, leaving him vulnerable to the world.

But as a rule of thumb, which Everett was quick to admit in his apology, he should have operated under the assumption that his mic was hot and watched his language and just dropped a “filth, flarn, flarn” instead.

Video of ESPN SportsCenter anchor Neil Everett dropping a “Son of a Bitch” live on TV after the jump…


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