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Ghettooh: Metta World Peace Catches Jeremy Lin With “Inadvertent” No-Look Ho Slap


Ron Artest (Momma named him Ron, so imma call him Ron) appears to have relapsed, with another questionable play that at first glanced look inadvertent — with Rockets guard Jeremy Lin serving as the victim.

You may recall that Artest served a lengthy suspension last season after a vicious elbow to then-Thunder and current Rocket guard James Harden, giving the bearded Legend some lightweight head trauma.

During a fast break Artest drove towards the cup and Lin gave him a legal bucket-preventing foul. As Artest got his bearings he swung his hand back maliciously and made contact with Lin’s grill. Replays showed that it was intentional, and Artest was given a flagrant foul.

Naturally, following the play Lin was pissed, grabbing his face and getting caught by one of the more huffer dudes in the League, with old man strength to boot. As to be expected no player on the Rockets wanted it with Artest, so they simply chalked the play up as a loss.

Video of Ron Artest’s flagrant no-look ho slap to Jeremy Lin’s face after the jump…


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