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Ghettooh: Kobe Gets Bloody/Broken Nose From Dwyane Wade’s Flagrant Foul in 2012 NBA All-Star Game


Update:  The Lakers are reporting that Kobe actually suffered a nasal fracture on the play…wonder if he’ll start rocking that Rip Hamilton mask?

It didn’t appear that Dwyane Wade was trying to intentionally give Kobe Bryant a bloody nose on a questionable flagrant foul during the 2012 NBA All-Star Game in Orlando, but despite appearances guaranteed The Black Mamba was a tad salty after the play.

In the old school NBA days that wouldn’t be considered anything more than a love tap, and it was obvious that Wade was just trying to prevent Kobe from getting an easy bucket.

Curious to see if Kobe takes the bloody nose personal this coming Weekend, when LeBron and the Heat take their talents to Staples Center to face the Lakers, bringing in the best record in the NBA.

Video of Kobe getting a bloody nose from Wade’s flagrant foul after the jump…


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