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Ghettooh: Kevin Garnett Spotted Poking Channing Frye’s Meat During Celtics-Suns Game


Kevin Garnett has beent known for his foul mouth and aggressive demeanor on the basketball court, and now he can add meat-grabber to that list after getting caught poking Suns forward Channing Frye’s hog like a wack chick pokes on facebook.

Normally known for his mild temper which the average square may mistake as squarish, Frye got heated following the play and rightly so as KG broke one of the cardinal rules of sports:  don’t cheat, by touching another man’s meat. A wise man once told me that the only time you should ever touch another man’s meat is if said man is having a BBQ at his crib.

You also aren’t allowed to look at other dude’s hogs whilst in the locker room or shower area, unless you’re doing a routine comparison.


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