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Ghettooh: Johnny Manziel Almost Binged with Beer Can After Getting Booted From Univ. of Texas Frat Party

Johnny Manziel Texas Frat Party


Heisman winner Johnny Manziel was in Austin trying to get his turn up on at a University of Texas frat party Friday night,  when he was the victim of some standard haterade (and/or LeBraterade based on Johnny Football’s GOAT potential).

This video surfaced showing an inebriated-looking Manziel and a few companions exiting the party as beer cans and insults get hurled in his direction.

Manziel was also photographed inside the party, turning up on Keystone Light, a favorite amongst the frat scene across the country because of its lightness on the pockets.

Although Manziel attends a rival school, if he was partying with some actual UT athletes, instead of beer-muscled squares at a frat, where liquid courage is only a jello shot away, then odds are he wouldn’t have been subject to this kind of treatment.

Game recognizes game.

[via Busted Coverage]


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