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Ghettooh: Joakim Noah Drops “F” Bomb (Anti-Gay Slur) During Game 3 Of Eastern Conference Finals


Either Joakim Noad don’t know, don’t show or don’t care about the potential bread-breaking that can pop up as a result of getting spotted using anti-gay slurs during a game.

The Bulls forward was spotted yelling “f@ck you f@ggot” to someone in the stands after getting called for a foul which landed him on the bench. Not sure who the comment was directed at, but if I had to guess, it was probably somebody in LeBron’s camp, and/or Birdman.

You may recall Kobe Bryant getting spotted in a similar situation recently (except his “f” bomb was directed at a ref), and got fined 100 stacks as a result.

It’s a safe bet that Noah will be breaking some bread in the near future as a result of his poor decision. Video of Noah dropping the “F” bomb after the jump…


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