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Ghettooh: Duke Website Briefly Features Women’s Lacrosse Player in “Blackface”


Duke’s official athletic website briefly featured a photo from women’s Lacrosse team’s Halloween celebration, including a white player on the team rolling with the blackface to accentuate her “Buckwheat” costume as the team chose a Little Rascals theme.

This mistake by both the school and the Duke women’s Lacrosse player appears to be accidental, as the entire team appeared to be under the impression that there isn’t anything wrong with a white chick putting on blackface for a Halloween costume — essentially to any authentic version of the “Little Rascals” crew, when no black chick is present.

Whilst it’s easy to criticize Duke and their athletic department for allowing such a blatantly offensive image to make it live on the site, it’s also import to note that they are not the only college athletic department to do some dumb shit (I have more experience in this subject than you can possibly imagine).

To dig deeper, even the character “Buckwheat” itself is an extreme version of some koonery and buffoonery, and probably the reason why my parents made me dress up as Alfalfa when I was a little kid, and not as the visual tribute to racism that the Buckwheat character embodies.

However if the white chick on the Duke Lacrosse team would have been dressed as Darius Miles instead — the costume would have been funny, which (as previously mentioned) means that it can’t be racist.

[via Deadspin]



  1. Gil Paggliano November 13, 2012

    What other college athletic department does dumb shit?

  2. BROSEFOLOPHOGUS November 13, 2012

    Better question would be which ones don’t do dumb shit.


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