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Ghettooh: Dude Gets Blindsided With Vicious Cheap Shot During College Baseball Game


This video surfaced recently of one of the most ghettooh’est cheap shots of all times. The incident occurred during a game between 2 community colleges in Arizona.

After a near bench-clearing brawl by first base, you’ll notice that the dude on second base does nothing but minds his business, before another dude runs from the outfield and viciously blindside trucks him, before casually playing it off as he runs towards the action and hides.

This has to be one of the most ridiculous cheap shots that I have ever seen, but luckily one of them folkers was taping and got the whole thing on video. The cheap shoter should be suspended for the rest of the season, if not for the rest of his community college baseball career.

That is the type of cheap shot that appears to be personal, likely the result of a boo getting smashed or an unpaid drug/growth hormone debt.


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