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Ghettooh: Carmelo Anthony Trips Jason Richardson And Almost Gets Away With It


Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony will likely be breaking some bread in the near future after cameras spotted him tripping Magic guard Jason Richardson after both players got tangled up during a change in possession.

Richardson tripped Anthony in retaliation, but unfortunately got caught by both the cameras and the refs, getting called for a foul on the play. The League will likely slap Carmelo with a fine for his initial trip, a slap on the wrist for a high basketball IQ move.

The large quantity of cameras at any given NBA game, has made it very difficult to get off some of the sneakier moves that players use to gain a competitive advantage. It can be as egregious as an intentional meat poke/grab, or a standard trip of a defender on a fastbreak when the refs are already down the court.

Video of Carmelo Anthony tripping Jason Richardson and J-Rich’s retaliation with some solid fan narration after the jump…


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