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Ghettooh: Bill Belichick Attacks Replacement Ref Running Off Field


Bill Belichick was a hot head in need of some cool water following the controversial ending to the Ravens-Patriots game, which featured a Justin Tucker game-winning field goal that many Pats players are convinced was actually no good.

Immediately following the game Belichick tried to run down a ref as the officiating crew darted towards the locker room and actually grabbed the ref and screamed something at him, before losing his grasp and realizing that he was far too top heavy to continue the pursuit.

Naturally Belichick probably wasn’t the only coach who is pissed at the shitty job that replacement refs are doing across the League on a weekly basis–but making contact with an official, replacement or reg, is a big no no.

Guaranteed at minimum, Belichick will be breaking some dough to Roger Goodell and them(s), but it appears that he had malicious intent when trying to bum rush the replacement ref so a suspension could also be in the cards.

Video of Belichick trying to go HAM on the ref after the jump…


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