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Get Your Summer Wardrobe Right…

Kodackid Mar 31


The Thrilla in Manila – Pride Edition Tee: You got to roll with the boy Manny 2Pac. Right now he is the best fighter pound for pound and we will be ordering the Manny/Hatton fight on March 2nd. And Manny better win so we can see the fight we really want to…Manny vs Mayweather.

MACKDADDY Shades: Now you only can wear these joints if you are fly. We like to call these the Space Age Shades. And if you want to get even fresher they got some in red because girls like bright colors. But, once again you’re are going to need to have your Yen game on par because they’ll run you ¥18,900.

Air Jordan 1 Premier Velcro Low: These are like them old man shoes, but they are much more flyer because they are Jordan. I’m for sure rocking these poolside in Vegas at the Hard Rocks Rehab and if you see don’t get mad at me…your girl ain’t looking at me she’s looking at my shoes. They drop on April Fools for only $100.


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