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Get Ready For The LeBron World Tour…

John Krease Jul 29


The mans got a book dropping soon, a movie with Lionsgate coming out soon, and a TV Show in the works. Sounds like Tyler Perry, but LeBron is even sicker than him because Hollywood is only his side hustle.

On the court, he’s the reigning MVP… plus he’s got Shaq and a whole bunch of money coming next year. Yeah, life is good for LeBron right now. And now to fully blast off into Rockstar status, he is about to start his world tour.

10 cities, 3 continents, all in 2 months! That’s almost as big as the KFed & Britney Tour. But LeBron won’t be dancing and singing…he’ll be empowering youth, doing some community service, and playing some ball with kids. Charity work.

He’ll be in LA on September 26th (more details on location and time coming). But check to see when he’s hitting your town below because he’s hitting all the big ones.

Chicago, Aug. 11
Washington, D.C., Aug. 13
Akron, Aug. 21
Beijing, Aug. 24
Shenyang, Aug. 26
Shanghai, Aug. 28
Paris, Sept. 2-3
London, Sept. 4-5
New York City, Sept. 20
Los Angeles, Sept. 26

he tour is also going to promote the doc, More Than A Game, he got dropping on his HS years. Word is that Lionsgate is going to release it in theaters on October 2, with an expansion on October 9, and a wider expansion on October 16. Thanks FirstCuts for the assist.


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