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Gators Plagued By Swine Flu


We guess sometimes it’s not great to be a Florida Gator. The swine flu has been sweeping the nation, landing on various universities and unfortunately it has made its way to Gainesville. In the last few days more than 10 players and coaches have contracted flu-like symptoms and while they are quick to claim that it’s not the swine flu…We aren’t rolling.

The majority of the players with the symptoms are scrubs and so far the only starter who is feeling the effects is linebacker A.J. Jones. If Urban Meyer is smart, he will keep all these dudes away from Tebow, because if he goes down, then they can kiss their hopes of repeating goodbye.



  1. Sean September 23, 2009

    Recent increases in the amount of swine flu cases suggest a second wave of swine flu is on its way. Could we be in for a winter on swine flu?

    Swine Flu Britain


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