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FSU Suspends 5 WRs for Yesterday’s Frat Rumble

John Krease Nov 14

I was just like… damn my dudes. Today, Bobby Bowden suspended 5 players for taking part in yesterday’s rumble with Phi Beta Sigma. For the complete story please go back to our story from yesterday. Even before any official charges have been filed, Bobby suspended WR’s: Taiwan Easterling, Bert Reed, Corey Surrency, Cameron Wade and Richard Goodman for tomorrow’s game against Boston College. Even with them missing, the team should be able to man up and beat the Golden Eagles.

But, with upcoming games against Maryland and rival Florida – you can bet for sure that their presence will be missed. These 5 receivers account for 52 catches, 734 yards, and 8 TDs this season. Suspended for only one game now, there is no telling how long the suspensions will end up… and with charges yet to be filed, don’t expect any of them to be back anytime soon. Read more for the latest rumors of what went down.

There is still conflicting reports on the story. But, there are only a couple of them out there so I think we can cover them all. First off, it appears something happened at an FSU local bar called Floyd’s on Tuesday Night. One of three things went down:

  1. A Phi Beta Sigma said something disrespectful to one of the football players’ boos
  2. A football player called one of the dudes in the frat a bitch
  3. Someone’s chain got snatched

Whatever happened at the spot, it carried over to Wednesday. High noon, student union, it went down. Over 10 people jumped into what started out as a sucker punch.

But, here is a student’s account of the altercation… saying one thing:

“A Sig walked up to one of our scrub receivers and punched, apparently over a girl. The Sig tried to run away but was set upon by most of the other receivers and a few defensive backs”

Sounds about right. Or we have this from another students account:

“All of a sudden I see like a couple of fraternity boys come down to the middle and then this guy just punched him out of no where. The first punch was thrown by a football player, to one of the members in the fraternity of Phi Beta Sigma. And from then on it was just chaos, it was like football players everywhere”

Regardless of what happened, tis tuff for the players. For without any charges filed, they have been suspended and are unable to play. The frat dues, nothing. They probs are even having a party for the game on Saturday. But, once the charges are filed, we will have the “official” story – but I will get you what really went down.


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