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Friday Night NFL Games…The Brady Moss Connection


Patriots 27 – Redskins 24: The Patriots looked nice, while Tom Brady was in. Him and Randy Moss were back on that 2007 type ‘ish where they broke all those touchdown records…they hooked up 2 times in this game early. Now if their running game could just come together, the team will be back to their ’07 form.

Packers 44 – Cardinals 37: WTF! Matt Leinart actually played good and we’re not sh*tting you. The Packers QB Aaron Rodgers had a great game, going 14 of 19 for 258 yards, but Leinart one-upped him and finished 24 of 38 for 360 yards, and 3 TD’s (1 INT). If Leinart keeps this up, he still might be able to be better than Carson Palmer.


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