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Former President George Bush (B.G. Not O.G.) Almost Gets Binged By Baseball At Rangers Game


Former President George H.W. Bush made a mockery of himself Monday night during the White Sox-Rangers game, after getting a little too nervous by a foul ball that came fairly close to binging him, as he sat comfortably in his owner’s box seats.

Luckily for Bush, White Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski was in the area, in hot pursuit of the pop-up that didn’t ended landing just feet away from the Bush contingent.

In light of Kanye West’s legendary comment in regards to Bush’s feeling towards black people, it’s interesting that a black dude was the first one to come to the aid of Bush and his Boo, realizing quickly that the former Prez was shook by the foul ball headed in his direction.

Bush dodged that ball much like he dodged some legitimate military service and effectively running the country.

Video of Bush almost getting binged  by a foul ball at the White Sox-Rangers game after the jump…


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