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Former Gators Weed Habit Hurts Him At Draft


Former Florida tight end Aaron Hernandez saw his draft stock plummet last week after being labeled risky, due to alleged drug issues involving the sweet cheeba. Hernandez was graded as high as a late 1st-rounder, after balling out with the Gators during his junior season. Unfortunately after information was disclosed about Hernandez’s love for that turtle (it’s green and makes you move slow), including the revelation that he failed at least one drug test in college, many teams backed off of arguably the best pass-catching tight end in the draft. In need of some talent at the position, Bill Belichick decided that it would be worth the risk to give Hernandez a chance, selecting him in the 4th round.

If a guy is labeled “risky” because of weed issues, there are several teams that automatically have to eliminate said player from their draft board, because they play in cities known to have that Super-Duper Fire. Some of the more notable teams include the Seahawks, 49ers, Raiders, Chargers, Cardinals, Cowboys, Texans, Falcons, Dolphins, and Buccaneers, who all play in areas known to carry that Good, at affordable prices to boot.

The Patriots decision to pick Hernandez makes a lot of sense. Every since Boston George got locked up New England-area cheeba has been wacker than the Rams, which should dissuade Hernandez from toking up, at least until the offseason. Via Boston Globe


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