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Floyd Mayweather Turnt Up in Bob Kraft’s Suite at Patriots-Falcons Sunday Night Football Game

Mayweather Bob Kraft Patriots Game


Floyd Mayweather was stunting heavy in Bob Kraft’s suite at the Georgia Dome for the Patriots-Falcons Sunday Night Football game, as 2 of the biggest bosses in sports were spotted cheesin’ like some macaroni during the Pats win.

Fresh off his masterful domination of Canelo Alvarez, Mayweather and Kraft posed for pictures in the suite late in the 4th quarter, before the Dirty Birds got their shit together and came an Aqib Talib deflection away from turning some mildew into bbq.

It appeared that Kraft was trying to get Mayweather to kiss his Super Bowl ring like it was Sho’nuff’s converse, but odds are Kraft wasn’t trying to flex on Mayweather too much, or risk getting deebo’d again.

Mayweather has gained notoriety for bringing out legendary companions such as Justin Bieber and Lil’ Wayne for his spectacular pre-fight entrances, but if Money Mayweather convinces Bob Kraft to join him on the stroll at his next fight, he is the GOAT.

It should be noted, that (former?) Money Team member Ray J is also a fan of the Patriots.


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