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Flea Advises Lakers To “Drop Acid Together” in Legendary Tweet

Flea Lakers Acid Tweet


Red Hot Chili Pepper’s bassist and the universal Legend that is Flea may have offered the best advice yet in helping the Lakers cure their woes this season, as they struggle to make the playoffs in the Western Conference despite having a roster full of stars.

On Friday, Flea took to twitter with the following suggestion for his hometown squad:

Flea, who along with RHCP will be headlining Coachella this April, is no stranger to posting some legendary tweets when it comes to the Lakers. Earlier in the season, he claimed he would eat poop if the Purple and Gold didn’t sweep a 3-game road trip — they finished 1-2.

Acid may be a little to heavy for this Laker squad, as it is composed of mostly dudes that ain’t really the partying type, so perhaps that should start off small and just pop some molly’s together instead.



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