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NCAA Basketball


John Krease Mar 28

Huskies 82 – Tigers 75

FINAL: First team in the the Final Four….UConn. They dusted the Tigers no problem. Actually it was a decent game, much better than the games yesterday minus the Michigan State/Kansas game. But, the Huskies are a team to be feared. We are already predicting a Big East Final Four with Carolina repping the ACC. The triv part about it is UNC is going to win it. Yeah we said it.

Wildcats 78 – Pathers 76

FINAL: Villanova has earned our respect. After smashing UCLA and Duke they finally had a worthy opponent in Pitt and Scottie Too Hottie Reynolds handled them. DeJuan Blair balled giving you a classic 20 and 10, but lets be honest he is no Blake Griffin and if he is league at all he will be no better than Kurt Thomas type. Its not like he is the next Dennis Rodman or anything.


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